Otero County

Otero County

Otero County is centrally located in the Southeastern region of Colorado.  The county is 1,268 square miles with a population density of 14.8 per square mile.  The average elevation is 3,600 feet.

Otero County was established in 1889.  The county seat, La Junta, means “The Junction”.  The pioneers recognized the location of Otero County as a trade center, and the same outlook remains today as it continues to be the trade hub for Southeastern Colorado.  Otero County’s diverse economy consists of industry, agriculture, historical sites and recreational activities.

Current Projects

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

CEDS The Regional Planners are wrapping up Phase 1 of the CEDS process. Economic Data, Discovery, and Community Profile preparation are ongoing throughout the District. Regional County Meetings will begin in April. For a detailed outline of the CEDS process please click on the link. CEDS Process Outline