Prowers County

Prowers County
The Great High Prairie

Prowers County is located in the lower Southeastern corner of Colorado on the Kansas-Colorado border. The county is 1,645 square miles with a population density of 7.9 per square mile. The average elevation is 3,600 feet.

Prowers County couples its agricultural heritage with the promise of renewable energy. Panoramic views of corn, alfalfa, and dryland wheat fields are punctuated with the graceful motion of wind turbines. At the heart of the Wind Corridor, the Colorado Green Wind Power Project is one of the largest wind farms in the State of Colorado. Historic attractions bring visitors to Prowers County. A high concentration of New Deal-era WPA projects can be found in the area, along with Lamar’s Madonna of the Trail monument honoring pioneer women. Camp Amache National Historic Landmark was the site of the nation’s smallest World War II Japanese-American internment. 7,597 inmates, two-thirds of whom were U.S. citizens, lived in prison-like barracks surrounded by barbed-wire fences. Today, the site is a place for reflection and learning about tolerance.

Current Projects

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

CEDS We are at the beginning of our process to update the region’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). We know from the previous CEDS and from existing strategic studies that the issue of broadband access will be an important priority. Here is a high level conceptual discussion of the issue. We will use this part