Miriam Neff

Miriam Neff
Office Manager, Pueblo

Miriam comes to SCEDD from the arts non-profit world, where she has been a volunteer, staff member at Steel City Theatre Company, and served on the board of the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.

In her free time, she is a musician, writer, actor, and artist.  She has participated in Pueblo’s creative scene as a community theater actor, performance poet, her work has been hung in local art shows, and scripts performed in open readings.  She says, quoting the artist Marc Chagall, “I work in in whichever medium likes me most this week.”

SCEDD has the ability to help groups of organizations that have similar purpose – all of the orgs working on food issues in southern Colorado, for example – collaborate and work together, rather than in individual silos or at cross purposes.  This kind of work requires relationship building across a broad spectrum of government entities and organizations, as well as all the people they serve.  In this work, Miriam’s background as an artist is an asset.  King Leopold of Belgium famously observed, writing to his niece, Queen Victoria of England, in 1845, “The dealings with artists, for instance, require great prudence; they are acquainted with all classes of society, and for that very reason dangerous.”  The ability to move comfortably between organizations and social groups – a tendency which Leopold felt dangerous, given he was trying to hold on to power, Miriam believes is a powerful asset when working to break down silos and bring greater economic opportunities to southern Colorado.

Email Miriam at: miriam@scedd.com