Eric Gubelman

Eric Gubelman
Executive Director, Pueblo

Eric Gubelman became the new SCEDD Executive Director in May, taking over for Shelly Dunham, who took a position in the Pueblo Mayor’s office. Gubelman is a native of Illinois with thirty years of experience in government, non-profits, and entrepreneurship. For the last 17 years, Gubelman has developed, owned, and operated small market movie theaters in Illinois. In addition to becoming a popcorn devotee, Gubelman used his MBA to help understand capital stacking using a variety of public incentives, equity tools, and loan products from the commercial and governmental sectors. He has served as a grant writer for a school district and garnered additional experience in grant writing during a five-year stint as a city administrator. In the non-profit world, he helped start an occupational health clinic and a dental practice. He is also a historian with a Master’s degree in nineteenth century American History. He ended his PhD efforts a few chapters short of finishing his dissertation in order to take the job with SCEDD.

“SCEDD has been an economic development planner for the region since 1968,” noted Gubelman. “As we move forward in a post-Covid world, SCEDD is going to need to need to change to provide more value to a 13-county region that has Pueblo at the hub and rural and mountain southern Colorado as spokes. There are so many needs to help make southern Colorado prosper—access to capital, broadband, affordable housing, better amenities—that I see our organization moving from a group that not only plans the work, but also helps work the plan. We look forward to being an effective partner with the many organizations making our region a great place to be.”

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