Current Projects

Current Projects


Broadband Governor Polis has announced the first of multiple investments using stimulus funding from the U.S. Treasury’s Capital Projects Fund (CPF) Program; investing $113.5 million in Colorado to make significant improvements to Colorado’s broadband structure and connecting Colorado homes lacking internet access. Southern Colorado Economic Development District (SCEDD) has been awarded $12,467,127.00 in funding to

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

2021 - 2026 CEDS Our 2021 - 2026 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) has been approved by the Economic Development Administration (EDA). CEDS FINAL with Appendix F The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) contributes to effective economic development in our communities and regions through a locally based, regionally driven economic development planning process.  Economic development

The Southern Colorado Economic Development District (SCEDD)