Fremont County

Fremont County

Fremont County is located in south central Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  The county is 1,533 square miles with a population of 31 per square mile.  The average is 4,600 feet. The population in 2015 was 46,692. 

The county was established in 1862, which included Custer County and a portion of Teller County.  The county is named for explorer and presidential candidate John C. Fremont.

Fremont County houses ten prisons, including the only Federal Supermax facility in the United States.  The Arkansas River runs through Fremont County, making it a popular tourist destination.  The county is known for the Royal Gorge, hot springs and scenic canyons.

Current Projects

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

2021 - 2026 CEDS Our 2021 - 2026 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) has been approved by the Economic Development Administration (EDA). CEDS FINAL with Appendix F The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) contributes to effective economic development in our communities and regions through a locally based, regionally driven economic development planning process.  Economic development